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Decay of Logos Wiki/Section 1

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<div class="fpbox plain desktopright mobilecenter"><!-- BEGIN Welcome box-->
<div class="mainheading nomobile">Welcome to the<br>[[File:Wiki.png|160px|link=Decay of Logos]]</div><div class="heading mobileonly">Welcome to the<br>[[File:Wiki.png|160px|link=Decay of Logos]]</div>
<div>The {{Gamename}} guide written and maintained by the players.</div>
<div>Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding on existing ones.</div>
</div><!--END Welcome box-->
<div class="fpbox mobilecollapsible expanded"><!-- BEGIN Spotlight box-->
<div class="heading desktopcenter mobileleft">About {{Gamename}}</div>


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